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The Board of Directors
 Vice-President: Rick Katowoski         
Secretary-Bev Mandichak   
Treasurer-Bill Agosta
Other Members: Melvin Fees, Anna Leahey, Mertle Haines
James Salony- Past President(Emitius)

Mission Statement

Lilly Washington Historical Society mission statement is to recruit its members all current and former residents of Lilly Borough and Washington Township who are interested in researching, discovering, recording and memorializing those persons, places and events that have shaped our community over the past years and ongoingly record the current events that will become the history of tomorrow

Lilly-Washington Public Library
520 Church Street
Suite 1
Lilly, PA 15938

Phone: 814-886-7543
Fax: 814-886-3925


Board Members

Board Members are:
John Inman        President
Marsha Phillips     Vice President
Jane Kunko           Treasurer
Emily Hershel      Secretary
Brenda Marsh     Librarian 


Starting in 1961, the Lilly-Washington area received library service from
the Cambria County bookmobile. Shortly thereafter concerned residents
of the community decided a permanent library was needed. 
Clair McGonigle, Lilly Borough council president, offered the use of a 
former band hall now owned by the council as the location for a library. 
Lilly-Washington Public Library opened its doors April 26, 1963, with the 
following staff: 
Mrs. Hal Lytle, librarian; David Rodgers, assistant librarian; 
Howard McIntosh, library consultant; Mrs. Elmer Neff, library aide; 
Mrs. James Leap, library aide. 
The library moved to its present quarters in the Lilly Area Medical 
Clinic Building in 1978.

Hours of Operation

Monday and Tuesday 10:00-5:00
Wednesday 11:30-6:30
Thursday Closed
Friday 10:00-5:00
Saturday 8:30-3:30

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  9:00-5:00
Thursday 11:00-5:00
Friday Closed
Saturday 8:30-12:30

The Lilly Washington War Memorial Association Officers
                  John Hurley                                 Dan Martynuska
                    President                                 Vice President
                  Claudine Falger                                 Joe Gides
                   Secretary                                     Treasurer
  The Association is seeking your support at its annual fund drive.