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Central Mainline History


The Central Mainline Sewer Authority has been in existence for over fourteen years.  Back in 1992, several local Boroughs and Townships came together to devise a plan that would benefit each small municipality to obtain proper sewage at a reasonable rate. This consisted of Cassandra Borough, parts of Cresson Township, Lilly Borough, parts of Portage Township, and Washington Township joining together to better their communities. This sewage treatment plant and implementation of the sewer lines took years to prepare from archeological surveys, engineering reporting for over 2,000 residents, and to proper planning and constructing a sewage plant that would meet the demands of multiple municipalities sharing a single plant.
It wasn't until late in the year of 2002 that the construction began for the installation of sewer lines in the municipalities, soon followed the construction of the sewer plant.  Today, after countless hours of work from the communities and it's partners who helped aid the financing, the design, and the construction this plant is up and running and serving the residents of five small Pennsylvania communities.

These municipalities implemented over a ten million dollar project that consisted of hard work and professional assistance from numerous agencies throughout Pennsylvania and countless local residents. The C.M.S.A. Board over the past fourteen years obtained as much federal and state funding as they could to lessen the hardship on their residents and accomplished maintaining a reasonable fee for such a large project to take place in such a small area.

A dedication of the Central Mainline Sewer Authority was held on August 21, 2006, and consisted of those who helped from the beginning to the present in obtaining this system that will serve Cassandra Borough, parts of Cresson Township, Lilly Borough, parts of Portage Township, and Washington Township.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at the dedication by Congressman John P. Murtha and this dedication will be in memory of Clarence Eger and Chalmer Claar (Former Board Members of CMSA).