Local Real Estate Tax Collector

​Vera Hufford
1082 Main Street 
Lilly, PA  15938

Call 814-886-5359


The Auditors are elected by the residents for a six-year term:


Darlene Krisko-Chairperson                    Term expires 12/31/2018

Marsha Phillips-Secretary                        Term expires 12/31/2020

Marilyn Nadolsky-Auditor                          Term expires 12/31/2021

Earned Income Tax Collector
Berkheimer Tax Administrator
50 North 7th St.
Bangor, PA 18013-1798
Phone: (610) 588-0965
Fax: (610) 588-5765
Office Hours: M-F 8 AM-4 PM
Website:  http://www.hab-inc.com

J.P. Harris and Associates
Delinquent Tax Collector
PO Box 226
Mechancisburg PA  17055

Website: http://jpharrisassociates.com/